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The SACHR outreach project was a rewarding experience. It made me feel like I was a productive member of society.
-Jamal Watson
Group Support Meetings

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Our Programs

We deliver our healing services in safe, supportive settings through diverse programs, or paths, which help guide our participants through our continuum of interventions. Our staff is bilingual English/Spanish.

Support Groups

Hepatitis Support Group sessions encourage dialogue among members about Hepatitis A, B and C; how the disease is transmitted; and screening, vaccination and treatment options.

Stress Management Group meetings help members learn the triggers that cause stress, alternative ways to control symptoms, and relaxation techniques.

Substance User Group members receive positive peer support while learning about different drugs, their effects, and the causes that can lead to relapse.

The Sunshine Group offers a supportive environment where HIV+ participants can learn more about HIV/AIDS and new medication and treatment options.

Anger Management Meetings focus on understanding and avoiding situations that trigger aggressive behavior and teaching alternative techniques to control anger.

The Women's Support Group offers women opportunities to talk among themselves about HIV prevention issues.

Recreational Therapy Group sessions support and enhance social skills in a therapeutic setting.

The Men's Support Group allows men to discuss issues related to HIV prevention.

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