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The CONNECT Intervention is very empowering. I learned a lot of new information.
–Tina Rodriguez
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CONNECT is an intervention for couples seeking to enhance the quality of their relationship, communication, and shared commitment to safer behaviors. Participants build a solid understanding of harm reduction and HIV/Hepatitis/STI prevention.

CONNECT uses a six session couples counseling experience to discuss safer sex practices, risk reduction and communication skills.

At the end of the intervention couples will have gathered the tools to share a commitment to safer behaviors and improved communication skills.

Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes and can be scheduled twice a week or weekly: Learn how to keep each other healthy and safe. Learn communication and healthy behavior skills to strengthen your relationship. Great incentives!

For information or to schedule an appointment contact:

Ivette Melendez (718-585 5544 x309) or Milagros Velez (718-585 5544 x323) | ph 718 585-5544 | fx 718 585-8314 | 310 Walton Avenue, Bronx, NY 10451