Helping Drug Users Help Themselves

Our Philosophy of Harm Reduction

We meet every person where he or she is. We recognize that people take risks and that change is never easy. We do not wait for people to choose to quit life-threatening behaviors. Instead, we create a safe haven where participants can consider their personal choices and begin to move toward manageable changes. All of our services are free and anonymous with no demands placed on those who need help. Many participants stay involved with SACHR for years, donating their time to our volunteer program, using our services, or dropping by to share their achievements. We offer a safe harbor, where they can return to replenish themselves.

Our Mission

We provide non-judgmental quality access to health resources to persons for whom the social stigma attached to their illicit drug use, HIV/HCV status, poverty, race, gender identity, homelessness, or health undermines their ability to access the services they require and deserve.

Our History

Our grassroots work began with a needle exchange program to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS among intravenous drug users in the South Bronx. This practice is now accepted as the international gold standard for disease prevention and endorsed by public health groups, such as the World Health Organization, the American Medical Association and the U.S. Surgeon General. Providing syringe access and disposal continues to be a critical part of our harm reduction efforts.

Today we are a multi-service agency providing a continuum of interventions that treats the whole person – at whatever stage they are. In addition to our street outreach, our center assists with basic needs, such as showers, food, and clothing. We offer a quiet sanctuary with stress-reduction services, including acupuncture, yoga and massage. We also provide educational workshops and mental health counseling. Referral relationships with other service organizations and colleagues give our participants choices – both in and outside of SACHR – as they make their journey toward a healthier and safer life.

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