Our dedicated staff and board include a diverse group of experts in the field of harm reduction.

Joyce Rivera 
Founder and Chief Executive Officer 
jrivera@sachr.org  (718) 585 – 5544 Ext. 1001

A National Science Foundation Fellow from 1981 to 1984, Joyce has over 35 years of experience working in program development and social services delivery. As a consultant and grant writer, her expertise in HIV prevention and harm reduction has made her a local and national leader in the field of AIDS and drugs.

She is a founding member of the National Harm Reduction Coalition (HRC), the North American Syringe Exchange Network (NASEN), and the Harm Reduction Care Network of New York (HRCNNY). Joyce frequently presents and conducts training on drug policy, harm reduction, women, communities of color, and social justice. She has chaired the boards of HRCNNY and the Latino Commission on AIDS. Joyce holds a bachelor of science degree in health administration with a specialization in healthcare planning and a master’s in comparative political science. She is also ABD at the Public Policy program at City University of New York.

Bart Majoor (Retired 2020) 
Deputy and Clinical Director 

A clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, Bart Majoor brings more than 30 years of experience in the field of harm reduction, drug treatment and HIV prevention in the Netherlands, serving as the Director of the Department of Methodology and Training of the National Institute on Alcohol and Drugs.

 Since 1995, he has served in the US as Deputy & Clinical Director of SACHR. As a consultant and trainer for several organizations in Europe and the United States, he shares his expertise in a wide range of subjects, including drug policy and AIDS, worker burnout, and harm reduction as drug treatment modality. Bart served as an appointed member on the NYC & NYS Prevention Planning Groups, where he chaired the organization’s Substance Use Committees.

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Our Board

Fr. Luis Barrios, Ph.D., FACFEI Chair lbarrios@jjay.cuny.edu

Michael T. Baldwin, Esq. Treasurer mtbaldwin@gmail.com

Joyce Rivera Ex Officio jrivera@sachr.org

Hector Diaz Member hdiaz@acacianetwork.org

Full Staff Directory

Aaron Siegal Medical Assistant asiegal@sachr.org ext. 1024

Alvaro Arias Chief Financial Officer aarias@sachr.org ext. 1003

Anaisa Garcia Office Manager agarcia@sachr.org ext. 1005

Andres Moros Facility Assistant amoros@sachr.org

Ayanna Reyes-Dawson Harm Reduction Specialist areyedawson@sachr.org ext. 1025

Bill Mathews, PA Physician Assistant bmathews@sachr.org ext. 1070

Brent Latino Harm Reduction Specialist blatino@sachr.org ext. 1013

Bruce Trigg, MD Consultant btrigg@sachr.org

Carolyne Odada Harm Reduction Specialist codada@sachr.org ext. 1016

Chiara Sovegni Co-Director of Programs csovegni@sachr.org ext. 1021

Daisy Valentine Care Specialist dvalentine@sachr.org ext. 1029

Dina Karieh Data Clerk dkharieh@sachr.org ext. 1021

Dolores Lopez Receptionist dlopez@sachr.org ext. 1000

Emory Alexander Testing Coordinator ealexander@sachr.org ext. 1007

James Ayala Maintenance jayala@sachr.org ext. 1061

Jared Williams, CISSP IT Director contactme@j-wms.com

Jayla Bennett Harm Reduction Specialist jbennett@sachr.org ext. 1028

Jerry Otero, MA Drug User Health Hub Coordinator jotero@sachr.org ext. 1015

Kenneth Van Brackle Maintenance kvanbrackle@sachr.org ext.1062

Kevin Prego Director of Operations kprego@sachr.org ext.1014

Krystal Montalvo Co-Director of Programs kmontalvo@sachr.org ext. 1019

Lipi Roy, MD/MPH Consultant MD lroy@sachr.org ext. 1034

Lydia Monserrate SORT Team Member lmonserrate@sachr.org

Mary Spagnuolo Kitchen Manager mspagnuolo@sachr.org

Michael Gilliard SORT Team Member mgilliard@sachr.org

Mirta Roman Facilities Assistant mroman@sachr.org

Rene Torres SORT Team Member rtorres@sachr.org

Ric Curtis Evaluator rcurtis@sachr.org

Robert Gillard PDSE rgillard@sachr.org ext. 1015

Ruben Rivera Facility Assistant rrivera@sachr.org ext. 1033

Ryan Burns PDSE rburns@sachr.org ext. 1042

Steven Hernandez Chief of Staff shernandez@sachr.org ext. 1006

Tendai Hinds, LMSW Social Worker thinds@sachr.org ext. 1020

Tiffany Bueno Harm Reduction Specialist tbueno@sachr.org ext. 1009

Timothy Majoor Branding and Marketing Director tmajoor@sachr.org ext. 1026

Peer Dispensed Syringe Exchange (PDSE)

Robert Gillard PDSE rgillard@sachr.org Ext. 1015

Ryan Burns PDSE rburns@sachr.org Ext. 1042

Syringe Outreach Response Team (SORT)

Andres Moros SORT Team Member amoros@sachr.org

Deanna Staudt SORT Team Member dstaudt@sachr.org

Josue Rosario SORT Team Member jrosario@sachr.org

Loretta Santiago SORT Team Member lsantiago@sachr.org

Lydia Monserrate SORT Team Member lmonserrate@sachr.org

Michael Gilliard SORT Team Member, mgilliard@sachr.org

Miguel Alverio SORT Team Member malverio@sachr.org

Rene Torres SORT Team Member rtorres@sachr.org

SORT stands for Syringe Outreach Response Team, and is dedicated to cleaning up and safely disposing of used syringes in the South Bronx. They are also available to spread information about health and harm reduction resources. The team is pictured here with our Founder and CEO Joyce A. Rivera.

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