Meals Program

Fresh, Healthy, and Homemade

Contact: Anamarie Toscano  Ext. 1035

*Please note that our operations have changed due to the Coronavirus. We are now serving meals in a Grab & Go format for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Please call us at (718) 585 – 5544 with any questions. For more information about how we are adapting to the current pandemic, please click here.

Serving roughly 100 meals per day, SACHR’s Meal Program offers breakfast and lunch options every weekday to those in need. All of our food is prepared from scratch, with no frozen or ready-made ingredients. We also offer special holiday dinners throughout the year on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

What To Expect

Participants can receive Grab & Go meals from SACHR throughout the day and evening. We offer a variety of options and are careful to craft a menu that is both appetizing and nutritious. Please contact us for more information.
SACHR's meal program helps fight food insecurity in the Bronx by providing free food to those in need.

Meals served during the 2019 - 2020 fiscal year

Donated to us by Andromeda Advantage, these generous meal supplies will be distributed to SACHR participants facing food insecurity.