Mutual Aid Fund Overview
The Mutual Aid Fund, a new project of St. Ann’s Corner of Harm Reduction (SACHR), addresses the gap in funding experienced by small projects who are working at the grassroots with Substance Users who identify as Women.

These small projects make up for the lack of revenue with exuberant support networks for Women who are at risk for HIV/AIDS/HCV, opioid overdose, domestic violence, homelessness, food insecurity, and much more. Oftentimes, the support network is the only thread between these women finding themselves isolated, on the streets, with their children and pets in tow. The support network helps these women navigate through the complex web of social service and criminal justice bureaucracies that, arguably, are designed to deny the women of their agency.

SACHR will act as a core communication hub that will grant the organizations with small dollar funding and follow up. These small projects will be the entities that have the direct contact with the individuals on the ground.

The Mutual Aid Fund (MAF) will rely on a referral network of known organizations. Small dollar funding will be available in increments of $500 and will be directed only to those small projects referred by an MAF leader. Some examples of allowable expenses include attending workshops, travel and lodging accommodations.

Ultimately, these small projects will be the arbiters of change in their respective localities.

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