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      Overdose Prevention Program

      Helping Drug Users Help Themselves

      If the Bronx were an independent state, it would be ranked second for fatal opioid overdoses in the United States.

      Van Asher

      HRS/SAP Program Manager, St. Ann's Corner of Harm Reduction

      Narcan Training

      At SACHR we offer on-site Narcan training to all of our program participants. We also offer free training to community members and community based organizations to cut the spread of accidental fatal opioid overdoses. We are dedicated to preventing overdoses at all costs and will continue to take the initiative to come up with new interventions to do so.

      Fentanyl Test Strips

      We at SACHR started what has become the test strip movement in the U.S. We began to teach drug users how to test their drugs for fentanyl, a powerful opioid, prior to ingestion. If they can detect fentanyl in their drugs, they can make an informed decision. We believe that an educated consumer is an empowered consumer. Since the introduction of illicitly manufactured fentanyl into the street drug supply fentanyl-related deaths have risen 540% in the last three years nationwide. As a result of our initial push with offering drug testing strips, it is now standard across the Nation in Harm Reduction Programs and with drug users’ unions in an effort to reduce accidental overdose.

      For more information about SACHR’s overdose prevention efforts, contact Van Asher at vasher@sachr.org

      We offer free on-site Narcan (naloxone) training to all of our program participants, community members, and community based organizations to cut the spread of accidental fatal overdoses.

      Outreach Program

      Contact: Nelson Gonzalez  ngonzalez@sachr.org

      The Outreach Program provides syringes, alcohol pads, and other supplies to people who inject drugs and are at risk for various infections including HIV and Hep C.  We also provide the anti-overdose medication Narcan (naloxone) to people at risk, community members, and organizations along with training on how to use it. We help individuals seeking MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) detoxification and rehabilitation, connecting with them both in the streets as well as at our facility. Another service we offer is the pickup and disposal of syringes in the parks, surrounding streets, and public housing buildings around the South Bronx.