Our Programs

SACHR is home to a wealth of programs – each tailored to a specific need within the community. Scroll down to view the complete list of programs, or click on a program name to jump to that section.

Syringe Access Program (SAP)

Contact: Van Asher  vasher@sachr.org

SAP’s mission is to provide clean needles at no cost for injecting drug users. Needle exchange was the first service offered by SACHR when it opened nearly 30 years ago.  At that time there was a 60% HIV incidence rate among the city’s 250,000 people who injected drugs. As a result of this and other similar program efforts, the HIV incidence rate in New York City has dropped to under 3% among people who inject drugs. We believe that by 2020, there may be zero new HIV infections through Injection Drug Use. We still continue to fight to lower the amount of overdoses, Hepatitis C  and HIV infections, and stigma that the people we serve face every day.

Women’s Program

Contact: Tanya Tinajero  ttinajero@sachr.org

The Women’s Program is about women helping women.  The goal is to create a safe haven where members know that the other women have their back. The WSU Program helps women take charge of their lives by introducing education and information that strengthens their communication and leadership skills. This includes the Persistent Women Program and Women in Power Group. Persistent Women is a women’s only program that helps participants self-advocate in all their relationships, especially intimate ones. Counselors help members determine needs, set clear goals, and connect with community resources that help them achieve those goals. Women-in-Power is a women’s only leadership-building support group in which staff focuses on leadership and skill-building exercises. The curriculum covers topics like self-care, financial empowerment, and safe drug and sexual practices.

Mental Health Program

Contact: Laurel Mercer  lmercer@sachr.org

SACHR’s Mental Health Program delivers comprehensive mental health services from licensed mental health providers.  Our clinicians provide psychosocial assessments, individual psychotherapy, group counseling, mindfulness meditation, acupuncture and stress reduction services, educational workshops and referrals to a psychiatrist.  Participants may access mental health services on a walk-in basis or by scheduled appointment.

The Supportive Counseling and Family Stabilization Program (HIV)

Contact: Laurel Mercer  lmercer@sachr.org

SACHR’s Supportive Counseling and Family Stabilization Program serve the agency’s HIV positive population. The program is comprised of one Program Manager and one Case Manager who coordinate medical and support services by connecting participants to primary care, HIV treatment, housing, mental health services, , psychiatric care and legal services. Our robust program is client-centered and works to reduce barriers to medical care by providing effective care coordination, accompaniments to appointments, metro-cards, direct observation therapy (DOT) for medication, and advocacy. Furthermore, the program runs a successful HIV support group on a weekly basis and organizes monthly excursions.

Young Injection Drug User Program (YIDU)

Contact: Krystal Montalvo  kmontalvo@sachr.org

The Young Injecting Drug User (YIDU) project is designed to cultivate dialogue and solidarity among youth to address the real sexual and/or drug challenges they experience. We invite young people to join our social group where we provide a variety of tools and educational opportunities. Together, we work to improve harm reduction education through self-awareness and other practices that help protect youth and their partners. Additionally, the program provides food, games, internet access, organized trips, and range of other resources.

HEP-C Program

Contact: Van Asher  vasher@sachr.org

SACHR’s HEP-C program provides both testing and counseling for participants. While needle exchange efforts have almost eliminated new transmissions of HIV, HEP-C is still an epidemic among the community of injecting drug users. We are addressing this public health problem through outreach and educational efforts at our facility. Our services include both pre and post test counseling and we educate people about the risks of transmission, strategies to prevent infection, and the steps that need to be taken if infection has occurred.

Outreach Program

Contact: Nelson Gonzalez  ngonzalez@sachr.org

The Outreach Program provides syringes, alcohol pads, and other supplies to people who inject drugs and are at risk for various infections including HIV and Hep C.  We also provide the anti-overdose medication Naloxone to people at risk, community members, and organizations along with training on how to use it. We help individuals seeking MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) detoxification and rehabilitation, connecting with them both in the streets as well as at our facility. Another service we offer is the pickup and disposal of syringes in the parks, surrounding streets, and public housing buildings around the South Bronx.

Meals Program

Contact: Mario Novillo  mnovillo@sachr.org

Serving an average of 160 meals per day, SACHR’s Meal Program offers breakfast and lunch options every weekday to those in need. Participants can receive breakfast anytime, but must earn lunch tickets by taking advantage of our resources at the facility. This could include working out in the weight room or attending a counseling session. Chef Mario Novillo offers different options each day, and is careful to craft menu options that are both appetizing and nutritious. All of his food is prepared from scratch, with no frozen or ready-made ingredients. We also offer special holiday dinners throughout the year on Thanksgiving and Christmas.