Massage and Acupuncture Program

The Sanctuary

 Contact: Rebecca Peeler Ext. 115

St. Ann’s Corner of Harm Reduction is in itself a sanctuary, a safe place to come to in an often unforgiving world. The Sanctuary within SACHR is a room where participants can find a peaceful place of rest. Massage Therapy and Auricular Acupuncture are offered by trained professionals, at no charge. Our belief and experience is that these body oriented modalities can begin the transition from fear, despair and feeling overwhelmed. In a world where it may feel that the World doesn’t care: We do. And we start at the simplest place, unconditionally providing human touch and gentle human care. 




What To Expect

Five days a week either the Massage Therapist and/or The Acupuncturist are available in the Sanctuary to offer services. Look at our Event Calendar or call us at (718) 585 – 5544 ext. 115 for details.
We maintain a quiet healing atmosphere with relaxing music, comfortable chairs with excellent low back support. Participants are encouraged to simply relax with us as well as experiencing our services. In addition to Massage and Acupuncture we are dedicated to providing instruction in mindfulness, meditation, breathing techniques and simple movement to provide tools to use in gaining and finding balance amidst the storms of life.