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Women's Program

We Have Your Back

Contact: Krystal Montalvo  kmontalvo@sachr.org Ext. 151

The Women’s Program is about women helping women.  The goal is to create a safe haven where members know that the other women have their back. The WSU (Women’s Services Unit) helps women take charge of their lives by introducing education and information that strengthens their communication and leadership skills. This includes the Persistent Women Program and Women in Power Group. Persistent Women is a women’s only program that helps participants self-advocate in all their relationships, especially intimate ones.

This program is aimed at anyone who identifies as a woman and engages in high risk behavior and/or is living with HIV/AIDs. Our goal is to provide women with the resources to empower themselves and self advocate in their own lives.

What To Expect

Counselors help members determine needs, set clear goals, and connect with community resources that help them achieve those goals. Women-in-Power is a women’s only leadership-building support group in which staff focuses on leadership and skill-building exercises. The curriculum covers topics like self-care, financial empowerment, and safe drug and sexual practices.